Thursday, March 30, 2017


 Now, That we've had some time with our boxes that we recently got I can give you my honest opinion.   It took some times and comparing each box to figure out which was best for us. In the end, Kidpik stole us. Absolutely nothing was wrong with KIDBOX but, Kidpik is better on the pockets and Bumba loves they come with shoes! The Diva in her came out when she saw the shoes and just every piece was perfect for her.What I personally didn't like is there's no boys box. I definitely have a son and he would probably enjoy this box too. If you're on a budget this is for you I mean for less than $80 bucks and I have 3-6 interchangeable outfits is a win-win. They are super easy to sign up with and the company is amazing.Ellie has worn every piece 3 times already!They wash up great and has no fading so far which for me is shocking if you want to give them a try you can sign up here ------->