Wednesday, July 26, 2017

When God Made You By Matthew Paul Turner---Book Review---

      This week I received the most heart warming book ever. I read it to my kids not one time but we have literally read this book everyday.This book sends out such a positive message. I know there are so many children lately that just have no direction and its sad to see that. Sometimes all a child needs is something to relate to ...something to help them identify themselves and remind them why they are important When God Made you is just that book. The pictures are gorgeous! and the illustrations are culturally rich. The book is more of a read for little guys whose reading well since there are some difficult words in the book that younger children just beginning wouldn't grasp on well. You can purchase this newly released book on Amazon for $9.03 Hard Cover or 9.99 Kindle what an amazing deal for such a Awesome book.Below I have some pictures just to show you guys how beautiful the pictures are. The colors are so vibrant.  Currently this is our favorite book to read which is great because this book opened up many doors to find more of his books.We are in love with book and I hope you guys fall in love with it too !

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge and was not paid for this review.I am affiliated with Amazon so when appropriate I will post a affiliate product link at the bottom.

 Here's a link to buy this amazing book directly

Hear Me Roar!!! Our new Backpacks

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mommys Joy!

Are We Homeschooling/Unschooling Again??!!!

              We have been so busy these last few weeks wrapping up the end of the school year. As many know both my kids attended public school for a full year. It was all new to them and a HUGE learning curve but they stomped through it all. We encountered tons of tears yet many moments of satisfaction and joy.I would say the year was a success at most. Issues we encountered is time.My Bumbas need plenty of time to understand the material they are given because their attention span is literally zero.This was their biggest struggle the whole year not being able to manage their time properly according to public school standards.With that, of course, comes so much stress that we all know is at times a big load to handle. So with that, we worked on learning how to be efficient with the everyday task and so fourth. I felt that was important and would aide in helping them in the long run with time management pertaining to their work.
               Ju and Ellie enjoyed the school year I feel but it was a little bit too much for them at times.June 1st was their last day and it wasn't bittersweet for them. Ellie brought it up to my attention she wants to continue being homeschooled even though she enjoyed public school she missed being homeschooled. I made sure she knew her decision and its ok if she chose to stay in public school. Ju he has expressed not wanting to go back also but I'm sure he'll try a few more times.I think for him school was overwhelming and he never really had that friend spark or that eagerness to learn in that setting but, whatever the case is he knows ultimately he has a say so.
         For the next couple of weeks, I will be making little packs and lesson plans for Ellie to prep her just in case we do jump into 1st-grade this year unschooling.This by far is an amazing adventure for all of us where we learn together as a family.I pretty much saw it coming from her.Ju, not so much he's his own person and my boy is getting older and developing into who he is which he's handling so well.I'm guessing we have a lot in store for this years and honestly, I'm so excited for all to come.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


 Now, That we've had some time with our boxes that we recently got I can give you my honest opinion.   It took some times and comparing each box to figure out which was best for us. In the end, Kidpik stole us. Absolutely nothing was wrong with KIDBOX but, Kidpik is better on the pockets and Bumba loves they come with shoes! The Diva in her came out when she saw the shoes and just every piece was perfect for her.What I personally didn't like is there's no boys box. I definitely have a son and he would probably enjoy this box too. If you're on a budget this is for you I mean for less than $80 bucks and I have 3-6 interchangeable outfits is a win-win. They are super easy to sign up with and the company is amazing.Ellie has worn every piece 3 times already!They wash up great and has no fading so far which for me is shocking if you want to give them a try you can sign up here ------->