Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sparkling Lemon Ice Mountain Spring Water

I had the opportunity to review this sparkling natural spring water in lemon flavor. This water was a toss up for me. I enjoyed it but I cant say I loved it. Although its surely a thirst quencher I prefer like a peach or strawberry flavor or even grape. When you first open it the fizz is mesmerizing and the bubbles are great ! Open slowly though because I defiantly almost made a mess from the instant fizz attack. I would say this would be great cold over ice and maybe add some fruit in it for a simple delicacy. I did try this warm which could be the reason I didn't care for it much. The size of the bottle I received was easily enough for two people to share at 16.9 fl oz .Best part about this drink is its just 3 ingredients.

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