Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Know your labels!! Comeclean Campaign

            Did you know that the law doesn't required disclosure on cleaning products ?Well, they don't   Scary right ? I never really realized it until one day I was looking for a certain ingredient in a soap and there was no ingredients anywhere to be found. This was concerning for me since my family has quite a few people with sensitive skin and so fourth. We are usual user of unscented or gentle cleaning products. Its important for not only us but everyone to know whats going into their bodies. A lot of allergic reactions come from products our body cant handle on the skin. Staying with organic and natural products is always the best route to go to avoid unwanted ingredients but,be careful! since there are some products that claim the title organic but isn't quite organic or in some situations natural either. There is a wonderful way to stand up for this and make manufactures disclose their ingredients on their products being sold and that my friends is supporting the  Comeclean Campaign and be aware of the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act ( H.R. 5205).Not sure of who to trust ? Well, theres many Seventh Generation being one of them that fully states whats in their products. Check them out here ------> Further more signing the act takes it just a step farther that's greatly appreciated.
Sign here --->Heres the link
Let your voice be heard and be in the know of whats going into your body.

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