Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coupon life back in full effect! .59 for 45 items!

Success! I'm Backk!I came OOP 6.58 tax included for my little trip Yay! Which after my items ship I will get a 5.99 credit applied to my amazon account ,and then it'll be like I only spent 0.59 cents!!!! for 45 items! I may even be getting a few bucks back after my rebates and app receipt scan ins.What I got 36 rolls of Cottonelle for $7.98 @ 3.99 a 12 roll pk(add on items).I subscribed to the subscribe&save which gave me 5% off the toilet paper.
Certain London Fog jackets where on sale I bought 1 girls 2 layer jacket for Bumba for $12.76 along with that I picked up one of the girls christmas gift for 12.99 and 
used a -6.00 coupon code specific for that item which made it $6.49.
Earlier I go purchased a Subway 6 in sandwich w/drink $1.90
- Ragus FREE
-1 Squeezable FREE
I also used my $25.00 Amazon credit towards it to take down the balance

I'm overly proud of myself and sticking to my goal which was to spend no more than 10.00 today.

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