Thursday, August 11, 2016

NeilMed Naspira Oral-Aspirator

I recently had the opportunity to review the NeilMed Naspira Oral-Aspirator it came with a cute little green mesh bag which was awesomely great! It came in handy because you could carry it in that bag in your purse or a diaper bag with out it getting contaminated. The oral aspirator itself is very easy instruction wise to use ,and its pretty easy to use on the child. This piece comes apart very easy for cleaning .The tube is a nice unfortunately, for me the mucus got stuck every time which made it sort of a pain for a moment.You can also use this as just the bulb itself which I  highly would recommend because the flexible tip makes it easy to insert and clean the nasal area. I know a lot of parents clean the nose while laying down but, what I find that's more effective is laying the baby down and kind of securing the head on your arm that way everyone is comfortable and baby may not notice that lift which hopefully helps less moving.I wouldn't recommend this for older infants since they move way more, the aspirator may not work as well. Now, for the smaller infants I'd defiantly give this a hardy Go!  I think that this is the next best thing for those parents that hate the traditional bulb.

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