Monday, August 22, 2016

Elegance Pre-Day 2 What we did today

Honestly, today's lesson almost never happened until my timer application let me know that nothing was logged in for Elegance. I'm using quite a bit of resources for her this year to get the job done so shes super ready for first grade next year. We started off with a refresher with her I want to start each lesson off with Singing the Alphabet following with the Letter of the day and is sound. Following that we did Time4learning lanuage and Math,Easy Peasy primer 1 day 9&10, Easy Peasy primer 2 day 2 &3,and ABC Mouse 3 lesson plan self directed. We did no more than 1 hour of self paced work. Along with these homeschooling curriculum's there's extra work which we call it "Fun Doodles" that if I feel she needs a little more than I will do each fun doodle.  She's getting the hang of how each lessons goes more each day.I think Time4learning definitely is going to work out well for her. 

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