Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Letter To My Loves

My Loves, 
The year is close to the end and I couldn't be any happier with you two so far. You two are healthy and growing great. Not only are you guys communicating well with each other but, you are there for each other that right there is golden. You both are into so much right now cars,plants,books,paint,and building just to name a few. Although, you both been quite grouchy you guys are still adorable. As this year rolls on by I hope to see more growth in both of you , I hope you guys take upon many opportunities as you learn in this school year. What I want most is to see you two value our earth do your part even though you see others not appreciating what God has blessed us with don't follow them just help them.Remember everyone needs guidance and no one is perfect. I love you.

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