Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day & Rocks

Today we was pretty excited about Earth Day as always we did so much in one day. Some of the activities that we did was planted some seeds and we rock haunting. Ellie has taken a huge interest into rocks a while ago ,she has a little collection that shes adores and thinks is pretty cool.Juju hasn't quite decided what he wants to collect.The rocks she picked out today was very cool Im sure she cant wait until we go pick out some more. 
~The world is important you should treat it that way.~Mom

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mommy Letters

My Loves,
You live and you learn its never to late to just enjoy life .Relax. Know that times will be hard and you both will come to a lot of trial and errors  but, with faith you two will soar. Know my love can always heal as so yours can too.Love is a complete understatement  when it comes to you two. Everyday know I'm proud no matter what .Open up and release your wings God has you and that's all you two have to know. Jourdan continue to be your sister protector and Elegance never stop being your brothers determination. You two have a journey ahead of you that you both can follow well with the help of each other. Never loose sight of family,love,determination,patience,and respect those alone will get you far.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Books.. Books.. Books.....

This week we'll be creating mini books my loves adore books so I'm sure they will enjoy these ones. The best part is these are great activities they learn so much with these little books and the fact you cant color them however is just a bonus I plan to laminate each one for later use and memories. 

Outside kind of Love ..

Ellie is so excited about the warm weather coming she has a list of things she cant wait to do outside ...
3.Blow bubbles and they fly
4.Roll in the grass
5.Plant a flower
6.Moo like a cow
We'll keep adding to this list I'm sure it'll grow 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Bond so Strong..Brother and Sister



Not Such a "Baby" anymore

 As the months pass I realize my babies aren't babies anymore they are growing handfuls of joy.They get taller and smarter each passing day.Juju is so full of life its amazing I love him more than he'll ever know. Each month I reflect on how much he is changing every moment and how proud I am of him he's learning so well in life . Ellie is just a burst of love and excitement there's not a dull day with her. Shes developing in such a super way and shes bypassing all these random sick times with nothing but a smile.Shes becoming such a girly girl .At night after they are all tucked in bed sound asleep I just look at them and just thank God for such awesome blessings.My babies aren't such babies anymore and that's OK.